Dangerous Decibels ®

The Dangerous Decibels mission is to significantly reduce the prevalence of noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ear) through exhibits, education, and research. The Dangerous Decibels program is based at the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.

Did you know?

North American children “may receive more noise at school than workers from an 8-hour work day at a factory”

Report of a World Health Organization-Prevention of Deafness/Hearing Impairment Informal Consultation III, WHO, Geneva, 1997

Approximately 10 million persons in the U.S. have permanent hearing loss from noise or trauma.

NIDCD. Fact Sheet on Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. Washington, DC:HHS, 1999

12.5% of 6-19 year olds (6.8 million) and 16.8% of 12-19 year olds (5 million) in the U.S. have documented evidence of elevated hearing thresholds directly attributed to noise exposure.

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40 to 50 million Americans have tinnitus, one-quarter of them to a severity that they seek medical help.

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