The Dangerous Decibels Classroom  Presentation

Dangerous Decibels Classroom Presentation

Director Billy Martin demonstrates Jolene during a classroom presentation.

The Dangerous Decibels classroom presentation was developed with an National Institutes of Health grant through our partnership with OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). The presentation is about 50 minutes long and uses the principals of inquiry-based learning to teach the concepts of noise-induced hearing loss prevention. Students discover just how important it can be to “Turn it Down!”, “Walk Away” and how to “Protect Ears”. With the help of scientific tools, students measure sound, learn about decibels, and make models of their own ear. They explore sound, the way it travels, and how they can protect their hearing for years to come!

The Dangerous Decibels classroom presentation has been tested for effectiveness throughout its development with formative and summative evaluations. We have shown that this fun and interactive presentation is very effective in changing knowledge, attitudes, and intended behaviors in 4th and 7th grade classrooms. We have also shown that with training, most people can deliver the presentation effectively.

How to Bring the Dangerous Decibels Outreach Program to your classroom!

We have trained educators in most US states.  If you are looking for someone to come to your school or organization, please contact the Dangerous Decibels office (503-494-0670 or and we will see whether one of our educators is available to present the program. In the classroom - hands raise

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) Outreach office offers Dangerous Decibels Classroom Program through their catalogue. Trained OMSI educators deliver the multi-science class.

Training Workshops

You can receive training to present the Dangerous Decibel Classroom Program.  For more information, please read about our Educator Training Workshops »

Benchmarks and Standards

The Dangerous Decibels Classroom Program fits with many of the Educational Benchmarks and Standards (B&S) nationwide.  Dr. Meinke’s AuD students at the University of Northern Colorado have compiled lists for individual states (and continue to do so) identifying the B&S of the program. If you state is not done yet, check back and we will eventually have it. Send us a note and we will add your state to our list.