The Solution - Noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented!

There are three ways to protect your hearing from damaging noise…

Walk Away

That’s right, move away from the sound source if possible and the decibel level will reduce.

By moving away, the decibel level of a sound will decrease by 6dB every time your double the distance from the sound.  This “Inverse Square Law” teaches us that for every doubling of the distance between a sound source and the recipient of the sound, a 6 dB drop would occur if there were no echo (as from a mountain top). This would be the equivalent to cutting your noise pressure levels by 75%. For instance, if you stand 10 feet from a sound source and experience a 90 dB reading, at 20 feet you would experience an 84 dB reading in the absence of echo.”

Turn it Down

Turn down the volume on your personal stereo system (MP3, CD player, etc.), car stereo, radio, television, speaker system, PA system.

A fun addition to your classroom is the rap song by Ben Jackson – check it out! Turn It to the Left (, an educational rap song on noise-induced hearing loss written by the Academy’s good friend, musician Benjamin Jackson. The rap’s “hook” urges all to take the volume control and “turn it to the left.” Ben’s live performance of this rap at the American Academy of Audiology’s conference AudiologyNOW!® 2007 in Denver received a standing ovation and much praise for its clever message aimed at young music lovers.

How to Protect Your Ears

Cover your ears with ear plugs, ear muffs, or even your finger. Depending on the situation one of these hearing protection devices will help. It is important to insert ear plugs properly. Watch these videos below to find out how to effectively use and fit ear plugs.

Next time you are around loud sounds think about which one of the three ways will best and easily protect your hearing.

Protecting Your Ears

Excerpt from the Dangerous Decibels DVD – copyright 2009

How to Wear Ear Plugs