PIERRE #9 & VERONICA Academy of Doctors of Audiology in Kentucky, USA

Pierre #9 and Veronica were built for the Dr. Charles Stone, President of the ADA, by Genna Martin, the original developer of Jolene.

PIERRE #9 was sold to the Minnesota State Audiology Association – we will find out what he is up to soon.

VERONICA was donated to and then auctioned off at the ADA’s 2008 national convention.

ADA screens hearing and educate consumers of the dangers of noise exposure and hand out free EAR plugs. Last year they screened over 2,000 people and handed out more than 10,000 EAR plugs at their state academy booth in the health care building. They have based their campaign around a theme of “what is your baseline” and protect what you have. They hand out a brochure that gives information on why it is important to have your hearing evaluated and how many environmental noises can cause hearing loss. The Academy will use Pierre #9 and Veronica to test peoples Ipods etc while they wait to have their hearing screened and to work with the school audiologist to educate students to the dangers. This will also work well to help bridge the gap in communication between practicing audiologist and school audiologist.

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