SHOCQUE & FLAME Widex Canada in Canada

Created by the staff at Widex, Canada, a company that makes hearing aids, SHOCQUE is working to help spread the message of the importance of healthy hearing habits. She has toured schools and attended conferences to meet as many people as she can. Wherever she goes she gets noticed!

FLAME is a full mannequin, but the bottom is difficult to connect solo so Deborah Ranson, Audiologist with Widex, Canada, will have her travel as a half-mannequin. No mini skirt. The back of her head has a hatch that opens as they don’t need to reach up her body to seat the mike.


Shoque and Flame are also featured on the Widex Connectâ„¢ website as the official representative of the HiP, or ‘Hearing is Precious’ hearing conservation campaign for kids and teens. Be sure to visit her at HiP and check out her adventures which she writes about in her diary.

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