SIENNA  - Hanover, New Hampshire

Builders – Eloise Dietz and Jessica Weiss,  Hanover High School in Hanover New Hampshire.

Eloise and Jessica are evaluating student noise exposure from band practice combined with ipod use.  They are still collecting data, but so far have measured personal music listening levels and band instrument practice levels from over twenty students. They have discovered that most students who play band instruments are exposed to too much noise. When they took Sienna into the school’s band practice they recorded sound levels ranging from 85-120 decibels!  They also discovered that about 27% of high schoolers are listening to ipod music that is too loud.  For some students, the combined exposure levels are very high.  Eloise and Jessica hope their work with Sienna will help educate fellow students about the risks to their hearing.

“The Jolene Cookbook has been critical to our project.”

Good work Eloise and Jessica. We hope to hear more from you.  Sienna’s photo will be posted soon.


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