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American Academy of Audiology

American Speech Language Hearing Association –   Listen to Your Buds

American Tinnitus Association

BUY QUIET – NIOSH  leads efforts to promote Buy-Quiet initiatives including the development of a Power Tools Database to make noise data available to tool buyers, users, and manufacturers of powered hand tools.  NIOSH Power Tools Database  This database of commonly used power tools contains such information as sound power levels, sound pressure level and downloadable exposure files.

Children and Noise – AAC

Cincinnati – HEAR THIS
Grades 3-6 – health-Science – HEAR THIS Lessons

Cochlear Implant Association, Inc. (CIAI)

Hearing Health Foundation


Department of Defense HEARING CENTER OF EXCELLENCE - The Hearing Center of Excellence (HCE) hopes to reduce the tangible and intangible costs of hearing loss and auditory injury, enhance readiness and improve the quality of life of American military personnel and veterans.

E-A-R Hearing Conservation – articles
A great resource list of acticles (including the articles) to answer frequently asked questions.

Ear Help – Britian

Health Communication Network

Healthy Hearing
Consumer Guides for Hearing Healthcare.


Hear It
This International web site has been established to increase public awareness of hearing impairment.

Hearing Health Magazine

Hearing Loss

Hearing Protection for Kids

Hearing Regeneration Initiative – University of Washington

HEARnet – Australian Hearing Education and Research Network (HEARnet) is a not-for-profit website created by the HEARing CRC for health professionals, researchers and anyone interested in better hearing.

iHearYa – Hearing Foundation of Canada

It’s a Noisy Planet – Protect Their Hearing – NIDCD

Late-Deafened Adults

League for the Hard of Hearing

Listen Up!  Pindrop Foundation of New Zealand

Music in Motion
Music education resources for all ages. Includes articles on noise induced hearing loss and information for musicians.

National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
CDC-DASH – Health Topics Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Promoting Hearing Health Among Youth

National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research

National Hearing Conservation Association

National Organization for Hearing Research Foundation

No Noise

Oregon Brainstorms Partnership
See – Unit 1, Lesson 4: Hearing

Oregon Hearing Research Center

Oregon Prevention Research Center
OPRC – Center for Health Communities is in the Public Health Dept at OHSU. They have funded the Dangerous Decibels projects involving the tribal communities of the northwest. The Center for Healthy Communities is funded through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Grant number 1 U48 DP000024-02.

Rotarians for Hearing Regeneration

Hearing Loss Association of America

Sonic Sensation

A fun multi-sensory exhibition for children and adults that lets you see, feel, and hear sounds. Are you as loud as a howler monkey? Find out in the Scream Chamber. Learn how we hear, and discover how well you can listen. Available as a rental.

Streaming video – Teaching Kids About Science While Teaching Scientists About Kids
An OHSU Dangerous Decibels outreach event, July 28, 2005 presented to scientists and high school students. Drs. Martin and Hudspeth demonstrate various ways to present science to kids – a talk, hands on activites, and museum exhibit.

The Hearing Foundation of Canada

University of Washington Dizziness and Balance Center

Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center

Wise Ears – National Institutes of Health

The Hearing Video produced by the Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia Canada is an excellent addition to any hearing loss prevention program.